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We dare to understand our client’s unique needs by providing high quality, ethically sound and strategic legal advice

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, Progressive Lawyers’ mission is to assists clients achieve their goals by taking their genuine interest, understanding their objectives, and meeting or exceeding their expectations.

We dare to achieve creative, practical, and effective solutions, with a focus on communication, responsiveness, and attention to detail.

We dare to work hard for the success of our clients, provide superior legal services on a timely manner, and maintain the highest standards of professional integrity.

We dare to be committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective legal services by applying the advantages of the new technologies.  

Our Team

Code of Ethics

Art. 1.

PL acts in accordance with the law and legitimate interests of the client,  and is not influenced by  personal interests, nor it is susceptible to external influence.

Art. 2.

The relationships between PL and its clients are built on the basis of trust and integrity.

Art. 3.

PL is obliged to keep the confidential information of its clients without  limitation in time. PL keeps in secret any confidential information of its clients acquainted  in the course of exercise of its mandate. PL guarantees that its staff and any person with whom it cooperate in its professional activity comply with these rules.

Art. 4.

PL complies with the rules of professional conduct of the foreign state’s when exercising its activities therein.

Art. 5.

PL informs the public about its professional activity through various media, electronic means of communication or otherwise, insofar as the rights and interests of its clients are not jeopardized.

Art. 6.

In exercising the profession in all its actions, PL is guided by the interests of its clients, respecting the law and the rules of professional conduct. It puts the clients’s interests on top of  any other interests.

Art. 7.

In all its activities PL will not discriminate on grounds of gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, nationality, background, religion, education, belief, political affiliation, personal or social status, age, sexual orientation, property or any other features established by law or by an international treaty to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party.

Art. 8.

PL acts only on the basis of empowerment of its clients except in cases where its is empowered by another attorney representing that client or a competent authority.

Art. 9.

PL undertakes to advise and protect its clients competently, with due care, in good faith and in a timely manner. PL informs its clients about the development of the assignment and, on request, answers any questions raised by the client in that regard.

Art. 10.

PL will not take up an assignment for whose performance it does not have time, knows or was required to know that it does not have the necessary experience, knowledge and competence.

Art. 11.

PL can not give up any assignment, except in the cases provided by the law.

Art. 12.

PL can not advise, represent or act on behalf of two or more parties on the same issue if it is aware that there is a conflict of interest between them. In cases where there is a risk of conflict of interest, PL shall notify all parties concerned and obtain their consent before committing the assignment.

Art. 13.

PL is required to refuse any assistance required by a client if there is a risk of breach of confidentiality requirements vis-à-vis a previous client or if the information obtained in the course of or relating to the conduct of a previous client’s business would give an unjustified advantage. PL refuses to give advice, assistance, protection or legal representation to a client when there is a risk of contradiction with the PL’s personal interests or with the interests of its related parties, as well as in the cases when PL’s would be required to violate this Code of ethics and/or to commit a crime.

Art. 14.

The amount of PL’s remuneration shall be determined by a contract between PL and the client. In the absence of a contract, the amount of the remuneration shall be determined in accordance with the Ordinance of the Supreme Bar Council. Ensures that the amount of PL’s remuneration must be fair and reasonable, but may not be lower than the minimum prescribed in the Ordinance of the Supreme Bar Council. PL is required to notify its client in advance of the full amount of the fee.

Art. 15.

PL seeks to reach an effective solution to its client’s dispute. PL informs and advises the client on how to reach agreement, reconciliation and / or on the availability of alternative means of dispute settlement.



Progressive Lawyers are our trusted advisors for all legal related topics! Georgi Traykov and his team has helped us with things like drafting our contracts, restructuring our company business and positioning ourselves for growth as a blockchain software development company. Their legal and business guidance play a major role in LimeChain’s success.

Nick Todorov CEO LimeChain

We have been working with Progressive Lawyers for quite some time already. They are our key consultants in relation to employment issues, contract negotiations, general corporate matters, etc. We have even engaged them in litigation procedures which were completed successfully. The first law firm I would think of when asked to recommend attorneys would be Progressive Lawyers. They are excellent professionals which are dedicated, precise and diligent.

Svetoslav Panev General Manager of BestWestern Premier Hotel Sofia

I have known Georgi and Atanas for many years. Whenever I needed legal assistance I have approached them because I have always been satisfied with their prompt and adequate legal advice. They understand the trade relationships, which is because they are businessmen themselves. No doubt Progressive Lawyers are the proper attorneys for the new generation entrepreneurs.

Momchil Genov CEО, PM Company Ltd.

Progressive lawyers is very excited to be in this industry and to work with partners from this industry. If you need any assistance just give us a call or send us an e-mail.We would be happy to brain-storm together at any time.

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