Georgi Traykov

Georgi Traykov

Managing Partner

Georgi is a highly skilled and experienced corporate lawyer with a strong track record of success in the legal field. Admitted to the Sofia BAR, he has over 13 years of diverse experience providing top-quality legal services to clients in a wide range of industries. His areas of expertise include the development of complex expansion projects, cross-border and domestic M&A transactions, IT and Web 3 projects, and a variety of other legal matters.

Georgi’s reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable lawyer has earned him the trust of clients and the respect of his colleagues, and he has even been engaged by a foreign country from the EU to represent its interests in litigation proceedings in Bulgaria. In addition to his experience in the IT and technology law, FinTech, procurement, real estate, and energy sectors, Georgi is also a certified mediator, which allows him to effectively resolve disputes and negotiate mutually beneficial agreements for his clients.

Outside of his professional work, Georgi is deeply passionate about driving positive change and making a meaningful impact in his community. As a volunteer with NGOs, he believes it is important for professionals, especially those in the legal field, to give back and contribute to the betterment of society. It is this dedication to helping others that motivates him in all of his endeavors, both professional and personal.

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