Entrepreneurs law

Progressive Lawyers provides advanced legal services in the field of Entrepreneur’s law covering all legal needs related to the day-to-day activity of every business.

Start up

Progressive Lawyers would be your key partner when your business is emerging by providing the necessary solutions for setting up a company, choosing the most appropriate form of entity, arranging the relations with partners, investors and potential members of the management. Choosing the right legal form is essential for every business, whether it should be…

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M&A and general corporate matters

Like a living organism a corporation grows and evolves, sustains changes or takes crucial resolutions. PL  assists its clients throughout their business journey by providing sophisticated legal support in cases of restructuring of the business, mergers and acquisition, negotiating and drafting share purchase and/or shareholders agreements with new investors, advising on equity events,  conducting general…

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Labor law

The proper legal relation between the team and the employer is crucial for the success of each business. In this respect PL successfully assist clients in all aspects of their employment needs such as emergence, development and termination of employment relationships, setting up of internal employer’s rules, creation of unique methods of stimulation of employees…

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PL has received solid ecognition for its advisory practice in terms of setting up the contractual legal framework of an enterprise by arranging the contractual legal relations with its clients, partners and third parties, as well as by providing the needed contracts, agreements and all other legal documents for many different kinds of transactions.

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Real estate / Construction

PL would be your trusted partner when it comes to any kind  of  real estate, construction and/or expansion transactions. PL provides assistance for acquiring and/or construction of long-term real estate assets, which includes due diligence report, drafting legal opinions and all other necessary legal documentation related thereto.  

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IP / Trademarks

It is important  for every business to get its intellectual property rights protected. PL would be glad to assist you with that regard.

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Tax / Accounting

PL provides corporate tax consulting, including  court representation and legal advisory regarding any kind of  tax and commercial matters which may concern your business.

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PL provides legal advisory and assistance in different aspects of any business concerning the protection of its interests in terms of anti-competative conduct by the other players in the market.

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Data protection / GDPR

PL provides assistance and consultancy services to companies to keep their data save and private which are delivered in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  to compliance with to the new data protection laws.

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Litigation / Dispute Resolution

PL is covering all aspects of the dispute resolution, such as pursuing or defending litigation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation (both of PL’s managing partners are registered mediators). PL is also advising and assisting clients in out-of-court settlement arrangements. PL’s lawyers represent clients also in disputes before the Protection of…

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Progressive lawyers is very excited to be in this industry and to work with partners from this industry. If you need any assistance just give us a call or send us an e-mail.We would be happy to brain-storm together at any time.

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