M&A and General Corporate Matters

At Progressive Lawyers, we recognize that businesses are constantly evolving and facing new challenges as they grow and change. That’s why we offer sophisticated legal support to help our clients navigate these complex processes and make informed decisions about their businesses.

Our team of expert attorneys is here to assist you throughout your business journey, whether you are restructuring your business, undergoing a merger or acquisition, or seeking new investors. Some of the services we offer include:

– Restructuring: If you are looking to restructure your business, we can provide guidance on the best course of action and help you navigate the legal process.

– Mergers and acquisitions: Whether you are looking to merge with another company or acquire a new business, we can provide expert legal support to help you navigate the process and protect your interests.

– Negotiating and drafting share purchase and/or shareholders agreements: If you are seeking new investors, we can help you negotiate and draft agreements that clearly outline the terms of the investment and protect your interests.

– Advising on equity events: We can provide guidance on equity events such as initial public offerings, secondary offerings, and other transactions that involve the sale or transfer of ownership interests.

– Conducting general shareholders meetings: We can assist with the planning and execution of general shareholders meetings, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and your business’s interests are protected.

By choosing Progressive Lawyers, you can trust that you are getting the expert legal support you need to navigate the complex processes involved in growing and evolving your business.

Progressive lawyers is very excited to be in this industry. If you need any assistance just give us a call or send us an e-mail. We would be happy to brain-storm together at any time.

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